Do you have a talented player looking for more challenge so they can maximise their soccer/futsal skills development?


This project has the scope of providing talented players with an optimal level of challenge and soccer/futsal skills development opportunities, as well as exposure to a more competitive environment.


Comprised of one or two weekly training sessions of 75 minutes each and occasional matches against local clubs & academies. 

Age groups

Under 7's - born in 2014 or later

Under 9's - born in 2012 or later

Under 11's - born in 2010 or later


The core of the program is:

- To further develop players natural ability in performing the fundamentals of soccer, such as running with the ball, striking the ball (passing, shooting, heading), 1-on-1 situations, defending and positioning.

- Decision making and understanding of different game situations

- Team-work culture

- Exposure to a more competitive sport environment

Where: Coolum State School

When: Tuesday 4pm

Head Coaches: Cesar & Rico

Cost: $180 per school term + uniform (once off payment of $55)


To join the team, children need to either:

- Be invited by our coaches, who are trained to identify talent during our regular lessons

- Have a couple of trial sessions so we can assess if the child is ready to join the group.